About Me.

Who I am?

Liu Yu, also name himself as Jack and that’s why this website is http://liuyujack.me/ .  An abnormal normal Chinese boy who doesn’t even figured out where he actually comes from. He was born in a mixed family with member comes all round China in Chengdu, 1990. Since a six-year-stay in Lianghe county in Pixian, Chengdu, he ‘d like to consider himself as a Lianghe county man. Had get out of the county, he lived on an island known as Xiaoguwei located near the Metropolitan Guangzhou, Guangdong for four years. Afterwards, he worked and lived in Beijing for a while. Currently, he is studying MSc. Internet Engineering in UCL, London, United Kingdom.

Loving Photographing which makes Jack really would like to travel all round the world.

Hope I can make more friend via this website’s establish.

Contact me via

Twitter: @Liuyujack

Facebook: http://facebook.com/liuyujack

E-mail Me : me@liuyujack.me

 This is me!! :p



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